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Buttering refers to a snowboarding trick where riders shift their weight from one foot to another while riding flat or on a low angle. The butter trick is an essential skill for any snowboarder, providing an avenue to showcase personal style, creativity, and individualism on the slopes.

In this article, we will delve into the butter trick in snowboarding, providing you with everything you need to know to execute it correctly.


What is the butter trick in snowboarding?

Butter trick in snowboarding refers to a trick where a rider shifts their weight from one foot to another, usually while moving flat or on a low angle. Although it might seem basic, buttering can open up more advanced trick combinations, improve a rider’s overall balance and creativity. The butter trick is an excellent way to add individuality to your riding style since each rider can modify it to suit their skill level, creativity and style.


What are some benefits of learning the butter trick?

Learning to butter comes with many benefits for riders of all levels. Here are some of the benefits associated with this snowboarding trick:

1. Improves balance – executing the butter trick involves shifting your weight while moving flat or on a low slope, improving your muscles’ coordination and balance.

2. Adds creativity to your riding – although buttering might seem basic, there are countless variations, and each rider can add their personal creativity to the trick.

3. Preparing for more advanced tricks – mastering the butter trick opens up more advanced tricks like 180 butters or 360 butters.

4. Builds confidence – mastering a new trick is essential for a snowboarder’s confidence. Learning the butter trick can build confidence that can carry over to other aspects of your riding.


What is the difference between a tail and nose butter?

Tail and nose butters are two variations of the butter trick where the rider shifts weight over either the back or front of the board. The main difference between the two is the position of the rider’s weight on the board.

Nose butter refers to shifting your weight towards the front of the board. To execute a nose butter, you need to lean forward, shifting your weight towards the front foot, and bending your knees. This action lifts the tail of the board off the snow while the nose remains in constant contact. The result is a movement that feels like a wheelie on a bike.

A tail butter, on the other hand, involves shifting your weight towards the back of the board. To execute the tail butter, you bend your knees, lean backward and shift your weight towards the tail of the board. This movement lifts the nose of the board off the snow, while the tail remains in constant contact. The movement feels like a manual on a bike.


What are some tips for executing a butter trick?

Here are some tips that can help you perfect the butter trick:

1. Start small – start practicing the butter trick on flat terrain or a small slope. This makes it easier to shift your weight and perfect your balance before moving on to steeper slopes.

2. Keep your knees bent – bending your knees lowers your center of gravity, making it easier to control the board while shifting your weight.

3. Find your center – try to find the center of the board before initiating the butter trick. This will help you keep your balance while shifting your weight.

4. Shift your weight smoothly – when performing the butter trick, aim to move your weight smoothly and gradually, avoiding jerky movements. This helps you maintain your balance while executing the trick.

5. Keep your movements fluid – Like other snowboarding tricks, the butter trick looks best when the movements are fluid, smooth, and controlled.


What are some common mistakes people make while buttering?

While buttering can be a great addition to your snowboarding skill set, it can also be challenging to get right. Here are some common mistakes people make when buttering:

1. Shifting weight too much – some riders shift their weight too much, making it harder to catch themselves if they lose balance. Smooth and gradual movements work better for buttering.

2. Leaning too far forward or backward – leaning too far forward or backward makes it difficult to maintain balance. Always aim to keep your center of gravity balanced over the board.

3. Poor edge control – edge control is critical for snowboarding, but some riders overlook this when buttering. Make sure to maintain edge contact with the snow to maintain control while buttering.


What are some variations of the butter trick?

The butter trick comes with endless variations, limited only by the rider’s creativity and skill level. Here are some variations you can try:

1. The 360 butter – this is a more advanced butter trick that involves executing a 360 spin while buttering.

2. Switch butter – this is a variation of the butter trick that involves executing the trick while riding switch.

3. Tail/Nose press – this variation involves performing a butter trick and then holding it as a press on either the tail or nose.

4. Frontside/backside butter – this variation involves executing the trick while shifting your weight over either the frontside or the backside of the board.



In conclusion, the butter trick is an essential skill for any snowboarder, opening up a world of advanced trick combinations, improving a rider’s overall balance, creativity and individualism on the slopes. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can perfect the butter trick and progress to more advanced variations, improving your snowboarding skills overall.

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