How Do You Perform Drop Wallet In Bodyboarding?

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As bodyboarding becomes more popular, riders continue to push the boundaries, attempting increasingly challenging maneuvers. One of the most exciting and advanced moves is the drop wallet. As a bodyboarder, you may have heard of this trick, but do you know how to do it? In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the drop wallet, including how to perform it, when to use it, and what gear you need.


What is a Drop Wallet in Bodyboarding?

A drop wallet is a bodyboarding move where the rider drops their board vertically over the edge of a critical wave and then quickly hops onto the board right before getting barreled. This maneuver looks visually stunning and is a great way to enhance your bodyboarding skills. The trick is challenging, and it requires a lot of practice for riders to master.


What do you need to perform a Drop Wallet?

Those looking to perform a drop wallet need a few essential items: a bodyboard, fins, a wetsuit, and the right waves. Before attempting a drop wallet trick, make sure to master your bodyboarding skills, such as air-roll spins, backflips, and other moves. With practice, you’ll build the necessary skills to attempt a drop wallet.


How to perform a Drop Wallet in Bodyboarding?

Begin by paddling out to the wave’s apex and positioning yourself where the wave is about to break. As you approach the top of the wave, start to angle your board down the face of the wave. Once you reach the critical point, drop your bodyboard with one hand while leaning forward and diving headfirst over the edge of the wave. This move is called “The Wallet” in the bodyboarding world because you drop your board like a wallet.

Once you drop the board, quickly slide your hands out of the wrist straps, stabilize, and hop back onto the board before you get barreled. This movement requires a quick reaction, and you have to be confident enough to hop on the board at the right time. You need to keep your body weight forward and over the board to keep the momentum going. Get barreled, ride the wave out, and you’ve successfully performed a drop wallet!


What are the Advantages of Performing a Drop Wallet?

Mastering the drop wallet can give you a considerable advantage while bodyboarding. It can impress others and boost your confidence in the sport. It also allows you to go deeper into critical waves, and you can ride larger waves for a longer period. When you drop your wallet, it creates a burst of speed, which increases your chances of getting barreled. This movement also allows you to recover speed which can help you in varied situations.


When to use a Drop Wallet?

In most cases, bodyboarders perform a drop wallet when they are trying to ride a critical wave or a wave with a steep face. It’s also ideal when trying to catch surfers who surf on bigger waves. This move gives you more speed, which can help you catch up to the already fast-moving waves. When you are bodyboarding in more massive waves, the wallet can create enough speed. Also, if a lot of beach-goers are watching, performing a drop wallet is a sure way to add some excitement to the sport.


What are the Risks Involved in doing a Drop Wallet?

Anytime you’re bodyboarding, regardless of the trick or maneuver, there’s always a risk involved. With a drop wallet, a rider could get hurt by not hopping back onto their board fast enough. When a rider mistimes when they hop on the board, they risk getting knocked off by a powerful wave. If you’re new to the sport, make sure to practice with more experienced bodyboarders before attempting a drop wallet.



In conclusion, the drop wallet is a challenging but thrilling maneuver that many bodyboarders strive to master. The trick requires quick reflexes, precise timing, and a good understanding of the waves. By using proper gear and following the technique we outlined above, you can safely and confidently perform a drop wallet. Bodyboarding is a fun and exciting sport, and mastering the drop wallet can help you take your skills to the next level.

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