How Long Do Skateboards Last?

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A skateboard can typically last up to two years, but it can even live longer with good care and maintenance. The lifespan of a standard skateboard is mostly dependent on a number of key aspects.

Your skateboard’s quality has a significant impact on how long it will endure. The quality of the manufacturing process and the materials the manufacturers utilized are both mentioned. The likelihood that something will last longer increases with its quality.

The owner’s method of use will have a significant impact on how long he can utilize his skateboard. It depends on how frequently you skate or what your everyday skateboarding routine entails. Your skateboard will undoubtedly last longer if you only use it to ride. It may endure for up to more than two years on average. The daily riders frequently just use their skateboards for mobility.

Your skateboard can endure for years if you use it for trick and performance riding. But compared to skateboards, which are used for nothing more than rides and occasional stunts, it won’t take as long. The board and wheels are more susceptible to damage in amateur or mediocre riders.

Skateboards have a larger probability of being damaged and will wear out more quickly if a professional skateboarder uses them every day while performing several tricks and feats. The boards of professional riders are destroyed the quickest.

Therefore, the question, “How long do longboards last? depends a lot on how we keep them up. Longboards can endure for months, which is too little time for unkempt and careless boards. On the other hand, if you can maintain them properly, they can last for years.

It’s important to know when to replace your skateboard and longboard. Knowing the state of your boards will enable you to decide whether it is necessary to replace individual components or the entire board.


How Long Does A Skateboard Deck Last?

A skateboard deck may survive for many years or only a short while. It all depends on your skill level, how you fall on the deck, how frequently you skateboard, or just if the deck is good or bad.

A skater who is committed to learning new tricks should expect a skateboard deck to last anywhere between three and six months. However, they can endure for years if you take care of them and don’t mistreat them excessively. On the other hand, certain decks may break during your first game.

Your greatest option is to choose a deck brand that backs up its goods. Skateboard decks from many different manufacturers come with a 30-day warranty; if the deck breaks within that time, you get a brand-new deck. Choose a skateboard deck with a 30-day guarantee whenever you can.


When Should I Replace My Deck?

When you snap your deck in half, it is a clear indication that you need to replace it. How else might you determine when to change the deck of a skateboard? It’s time to replace your board if your deck has a razor tail or if the stress fractures at the truck mounts are severe enough. Having said that, if you don’t have the cash to replace it right away, ride it until it can no longer be used or until you have the money to buy a new deck.


How Long Do Skateboard Trucks Last?

The part of a skateboard that is most resistant to wear and tear is the truck. You will, however, replace some grinds more frequently the more you try them. In essence, the trucks will be harmed during any grind in which they grind against the rail.

Trucks made of steel are far more resilient and will last a lot longer than trucks made of aluminum. Your steel trucks will last a lifetime if you don’t grind them frequently. If you do grind, though, you should consider replacing your trucks every two to three years or whenever they begin to appear worn out.

Trucks made of aluminum, on the other hand, ought to be reserved for transporting. They are much more fragile than the steel rails you would be grinding on and much lighter. If you use aluminum trucks for grinding, you might need to replace them in six to twelve months.


When Should I Replace My Trucks?

Replace your trucks every two to three years if you skate the streets and grind a lot. If you skate aggressively and perform many tricks and large airs, you might need to change them every year. Your trucks may last five years or longer if you skate recreationally. Simply examine them from time to time to make sure they aren’t becoming too worn out.


How to Prolong Skateboards Life?

  1. Keep your skateboard in place.

I understand how frustrating it is to spend several hours trying to do one workout without success, but if you are frustrated, don’t throw your skateboard because there is a 50% chance that it will simply break or split in half. In reality, there is a good risk that the skateboard will break if it hits the ground with its tail, which is much more delicate and less sturdy than the central component.

Despite the fact that skateboarding can be incredibly infuriating at times, try to maintain your composure and avoid throwing the skateboard.


  1. Dry off your skateboard.

The majority of bikers are ignorant of this. Many skateboarders fail to consider how they keep their boards; they just place them on a cold floor in the winter or even in the car, where they risk being struck by an object. You shouldn’t just leave your skateboard lying around because it might get damaged by a family member stepping on it or by being exposed to temperatures that are bad for it. Therefore, I strongly advise that you first get a rack for your skateboard and store it somewhere dry where nobody will damage it.


  1. Avoid riding in the rain (during winter)

Riding in the winter can only ruin your skateboard since rain can seep into the trees as you ride, creating a fog that can damage your board. Additionally, it might lead to the destruction of more components, such as bearings, which are very water-sensitive and susceptible to rust.

I strongly advise drying your skateboard with a hairdryer right away if you unintentionally practice in the water. If you want to skate in the winter, I also recommend carrying a garbage bag in your bag to cover your skateboard in case it unexpectedly starts to rain.


  1. Leave your skateboard outside of the vehicle.

Because they believe their skateboards will last longer in a warm environment than in a cold one, like water, many skateboarders make the very common and serious mistake of purposefully leaving their boards in the car. However, the heat will be considerably worse if you leave your skateboard in the car. This can harm the board’s deck tree as well as the wheels and trigger because they are heat-sensitive.


  1. Avoid tripping over your skateboard’s tail.

Many skateboarders enjoy stopping or sliding on the board’s tail, which not only causes the tail to rub against the ground but can also cause the board to shatter after a few attempts. Therefore, avoid slipping on the tail of your skateboard as it is the most delicate section of the board and might cause it to break.


  1. Keep the skateboard clean.

One of the most essential and practical things to maintain doing over time if you want your skateboard to last for many years is cleaning it. Your skateboard will look nicer and be cleaner if you do this, and it will also be more robust. You should clean your skateboard at least once every few months.



Depending on the stated causes and the level of skateboarding experience of those involved, the lifespan of your skateboard, longboard, and skateboard decks, as well as their wheels and trucks, can vary.

This article discusses how long skateboards survive and offers helpful advice on how to increase the lifespan of your skateboard. Keep in mind that usage and quality are important, but since skateboarding was designed for extreme sports, how you care for your boards will affect how long they last.

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