How Much Does A Skateboard Weigh?

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Skateboarding is the adventure of navigating a single board with four wheels while using both feet to go wherever you want. Both danger and excitement are possible.

You can virtually fly through the air when you kick it up high, and you can land gracefully after a lovely takeoff. Alternatively, you could make a quick, severe landing that would cause the board to split in half.

How much does this board weigh, which we are placing our complete body on? The typical skateboard weighs about 5 kilograms or 11 pounds.

We’ll examine the skateboard’s components and the factors that contribute to its weight. We’ll also look at the maximum weight that a skateboard can bear.


How Much Does Each Part Of A Skateboard Weigh?

  • Skateboard Deck

The deck of a skateboard or longboard is normally constructed from 7 to 9 laminated plies of wood. Typically, bamboo or maple is used to construct decks. Both are lightweight, flexible wood kinds that are ideal for skating.

Skateboards typically have a width between 7.25′′ and 8.5′′ and a length between 29′′ and 33′′. Typically, decks of these sizes weigh 2 to 5 lbs (1 to 2.2 kg).


  • Skateboard Truck

The component of the skateboard that is immediately attached to the deck’s underside is called the truck. It is around 350 g in weight (.77 pounds). Due to the fact that it supports the board’s weight, this is the skateboard’s most crucial component.

Materials like steel, titanium, aluminum, and magnesium are used to make trucks in a variety of sizes, shapes, and compositions. They are made up of components such as axles, bushings, and kingpins. They contribute to determining the skateboard’s durability and quality.


  • Skateboard Wheels

Four skateboard wheels typically weigh 0.5 pounds each (250 g). The size and durometer of plastic urethane wheels vary (hardness).

Typically, the weight of the wheels increases with their size. It will also have an impact on the riding style you like.

Look at some bigger, softer wheels if you like to commute, hammer hills, or cruise. However, you should choose some smaller and harder wheels if you want to perform tricks, skate the street, or destroy the park. When doing tricks, smaller wheels offer less resistance, while larger wheels offer more stability.


  • Skateboard Bearings

The total weight of a skateboard is 100g since the bearings weigh 12–14 g (.02–.03 pounds) (8 bearings per skateboard).

A wheel may roll on its axle with the help of the skateboard bearings. The bearing has six to eight balls that are arranged in rows between two shields and is housed in a body that resembles a disc.

Bearings are typically sold in sets of eight and are placed into each of the four wheels, two on each side.


  • Grip Tape

To help your shoes hold the skateboard, the grip tape is put on the top of the deck. The name really does speak it all. While the other side aids in providing a secure grip for the feet on the board, the sticky side acts like tape and sticks to the deck. The grip side has a sandpaper-like texture on the surface.

Grip tape typically measures 9′′ wide by 33′′ long and weighs 0.29 lbs (132 g). It won’t weigh that much, though, because a significant portion of it will be surplus that you cut off with an x-acto knife.

Grip tape is available in a wide range of hues and patterns. Even more, customization is possible by experimenting with various cuts.


Does Your Weight Matter On A Skateboard?

Let’s move on to the next crucial question after addressing the issue of a skateboard’s weight and the importance of a rider’s skating technique. Is there a weight restriction for skateboarders?

Although manufacturers and experts have made a variety of weight recommendations, no formal limit has ever been established.

The Republic of Skaters offers the next recommendations:

  • Skateboard: 100 kg (220 lbs)
  • Longboard: 136 kg (300 lbs)
  • E-board: 150 kg (330 lbs)

However, many experts suggest that if skating is truly your desire, you should follow it regardless of your weight. You can always locate a skateboard that will support your build. Although your weight might limit you from using some techniques, you can still use your board for a variety of other activities.


Does The Weight Of A Skateboard Matter?

No. It doesn’t matter how much a skateboard weighs; what counts is how and why you use it.

When going down hills, heavier skateboards and longboards gain greater momentum, as do heavier skaters. In light of this, lighter-weight skateboards make it simpler to learn flip stunts. That is because there is less resistance when there is less weight.



Yes, you shouldn’t allow technicalities to stop you if skateboarding is your passion. There are other factors to consider besides the skateboard’s weight. Choose your tools, practice, and try new things until you find the board that works best for you.

Get motivated by learning about the legacy of famous skateboarders or by watching viral skateboarding videos on YouTube. You’ll be astounded to learn how many challenges the human spirit can overcome.

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