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With the wind in your hair and the water rushing beneath your board, wakeboarding is a captivating water sport that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Among its many exhilarating tricks and maneuvers, the backroll stands out as a thrilling spectacle that leaves spectators and riders alike in awe. But what exactly is a backroll wakeboard, and why does it captivate the hearts of water sports enthusiasts?

In this article, we delve into the world of backroll wakeboarding, exploring its origins, technique, and the adrenaline rush it offers to those daring enough to master it. Whether you’re a seasoned wakeboarder or someone curious about the sport, join us as we unravel the secrets behind this awe-inspiring maneuver.


What is a backroll wakeboard?

A backroll is a trick performed in the sport of wakeboarding. It is a rotational maneuver where the rider executes a backward flip in the air while still attached to the wakeboard. The backroll is one of the fundamental inverts (flips) in wakeboarding and is often one of the first tricks that riders learn.

To perform a backroll, the rider starts by edging toward the wake, building up speed and tension on the line. As they approach the wake, they initiate the flip by releasing their edge and throwing their head and shoulders backward while tucking their knees to their chest. This generates the rotation and backward flipping motion in the air. The rider then spots their landing and extends their legs to prepare for landing.

Executing a backroll requires good technique, body control, and timing. It is important to maintain balance and control throughout the trick to ensure a smooth landing. Wakeboarders often perform variations of the backroll, such as the tantrum (backflip with a frontside 180-degree spin) or the moby dick (backflip with a frontside 360-degree spin), which add extra difficulty and style to the trick.


What equipment do I need to perform a backroll wakeboard?

To perform a backroll wakeboard, you will need a wakeboard, wakeboarding boots, a wakeboarding rope and a boat. It is important to choose a properly sized wakeboard that fits your weight and riding style. Wakeboarding boots should also fit snugly and provide good support for your feet and ankles.


How do I approach the wake for a backroll wakeboard?

Approaching the wake is crucial for successfully executing a backroll wakeboard. As you approach the wake, you should build up speed and use your body weight to create momentum. As you near the wake, shift your weight towards your back foot and prepare to pop off the wake.


What is the proper technique for a backroll wakeboard?

To execute a backroll wakeboard, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Approach the wake with speed and edge towards it with your weight on your back foot.

Step 2: Just before reaching the wake, crouch down and use your back foot to pop off the wake.

Step 3: As you pop off the wake, bring your knees up to your chest and look over your shoulder towards the direction you want to spin.

Step 4: Tuck your chin to your chest and start rotating your body 180 degrees, while keeping the board close to your body.

Step 5: As you finish the rotation, extend your legs and prepare to land.


How do I land a backroll wakeboard?

Landing a backroll wakeboard can be tricky, but with the right technique, you can make a smooth landing. As you complete the rotation, extend your legs and prepare to land softly on the water. Make sure to keep your weight centered and use your legs to absorb the impact of the landing.


How can I practice my backroll wakeboard?

Practice makes perfect! To practice your backroll wakeboard, start with smaller wakes and gradually work your way up to bigger wakes as you gain confidence and control. You can also practice the backroll on a trampoline to perfect your technique before taking it to the water.



In conclusion, the backroll wakeboard is a captivating and dynamic trick that showcases the skill and artistry of wakeboarders. With its graceful rotation and precise execution, the backroll mesmerizes spectators and demonstrates the rider’s mastery of the sport. It requires a delicate balance between power, control, and timing, making it a challenging yet rewarding maneuver.

Furthermore, the backroll serves as a foundation for progression in wakeboarding. It provides a launching pad for riders to explore more complex tricks and develop their own unique style. Whether it’s combining the backroll with other spins or adding variations to the rotation, riders have the opportunity to push their boundaries and continuously innovate within the sport. The backroll’s versatility and widespread appeal make it a staple in both professional competitions and recreational riding, capturing the imagination of wakeboarding enthusiasts around the world.

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