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If you’re an experienced snowboarder and looking to add some style to your jibbing, you may want to learn how to perform a backside lipslide. A backside lipslide is a trick where you slide along a rail or box with your back facing the rail or box. This trick can be tricky to master, but with practice and determination, you can add it to your bag of tricks.

In this article, we will discuss how to perform a backside lipslide on a snowboard, step by step. We’ll also dive into the sub-questions that will help you to understand the trick better, so you can become more comfortable performing it.


What is a backside lipslide trick, and how is it different from other snowboard tricks?

A backside lipslide is a snowboarding trick that involves sliding on a rail or box with the rider’s backside facing downhill. Here’s how it’s typically performed:

  1. Approach: The rider approaches the feature (a rail or box) from an angle with the intention of sliding across it.
  2. Set-up: As the rider reaches the feature, they prepare by bending their knees, aligning their body parallel to the feature, and focusing on the spot where they want to initiate the slide.
  3. Ollie: The rider performs an ollie, which involves jumping off the ground and bringing both the board and the rider onto the feature. In this case, the rider initiates the ollie while turning their body in the opposite direction of the slide.
  4. Rotation: While in the air, the rider rotates their body 90 degrees, turning their back to the downhill side. This rotation sets up the backside position for the lipslide.
  5. Slide: As the rider lands on the feature, they balance on the rail or box with their board perpendicular to the feature and their backside facing downhill. The rider maintains balance by distributing their weight evenly and using their edges to grip the surface.
  6. Exit: To finish the trick, the rider extends their knees and releases their edges, sliding off the feature in a controlled manner. The rider absorbs the impact with their legs upon landing.

The backside lipslide differs from other snowboard tricks primarily in terms of body positioning and rotation. Unlike a frontside lipslide, where the rider faces downhill during the slide, the backside lipslide involves the rider’s backside facing downhill. This requires the rider to initiate the rotation in the opposite direction and maintain balance with a different body position.


What do I need to know before attempting a backside lipslide?

Before attempting a backside lipslide, you should have a good grasp of the basics, such as balance and body control, and have some experience performing other rail and box tricks. You should also make sure you’re practicing in a safe location with a soft landing area to avoid any injuries.


How to approach the rail or box for a backside lipslide?

Start by approaching the rail or box with a slight angle. You want to approach with your back facing the rail or box, so your front arm should be pointed towards the rail, and your back arm should be pointed away from the rail. Keep your knees bent and your weight centered on your board.


How to shift your weight to slide properly?

As you approach the rail, shift your weight towards your front foot, keeping your arms and shoulders in the same position. When you reach the rail or box, use your back foot to pop up and over the rail and shift your weight onto the rail or box. Keep your knees bent and your weight centered over your board.


How to keep the slide going smoothly?

To keep the slide going smoothly, shift your weight slightly forward and keep your board angled slightly towards the rail or box. Maintain this position until you reach the end of the rail or box, then use your back foot to pop off the rail or box and ride away smoothly.


How to add some style to backside lipslide?

Once you’ve mastered the basics of backside lipslide, you can start adding some style to the trick. Try varying your approach, adding some rotation, or tweaking your grab to make the trick your own.



In conclusion, performing a backside lipslide on a snowboard can be challenging, but also immensely rewarding. With practice and dedication, you can add this trick to your bag of tricks and impress your fellow riders. Remember to approach the rail or box with a slight angle, shift your weight properly, and maintain your balance throughout the slide. Finally, don’t be afraid to add your own style to the trick and make it your own!

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