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Bunnyhopping on a skateboard is a thrilling and visually impressive trick that involves jumping over obstacles and clearing gaps in your path. Not only is it a fun trick to perform, but it can also be practical in certain situations, such as avoiding obstacles or getting over small ledges. In this article, we will be discussing how to bunnyhop on a skateboard, including the proper technique and necessary equipment. Whether you are a beginning skater looking to improve your skills or an experienced rider looking to add a new trick to your repertoire, this guide will provide you with the necessary steps to master the bunnyhop.


What Is Bunnyhop On A Skateboard?

Bunnyhop is a skateboard trick where the rider jumps off the ground and hops over an obstacle while riding the skateboard. The trick involves the rider jumping off both feet and using the momentum of the jump to lift the skateboard off the ground and clear the obstacle. Bunnyhop is often used to jump over cracks, curbs, or other small obstacles while riding. It is a basic trick that is often taught to beginner skateboarders as it helps them learn how to control their board and gain confidence in their riding skills.


How To Set Up Your Skateboard For Bunnyhopping

To set up your skateboard for bunnyhopping, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your skateboard is in good condition, with no loose trucks or broken parts.
  2. Adjust your trucks to a looser setting, around 50-60 degrees. This will make your skateboard more flexible and easier to bunnyhop.
  3. Check the tightness of your bearings and make sure they are not too loose or too tight.
  4. Make sure your wheels are clean and free of any debris, as this can affect your bunnyhop.
  5. Stand on your skateboard and push off with your back foot to get some momentum.
  6. Bend your knees and lower your center of gravity to make it easier to lift the front of your skateboard off the ground.
  7. As you push off with your back foot, lift your front foot and push down on the tail of your skateboard to lift the front wheels off the ground.
  8. Once your front wheels are off the ground, push down on the tail of your skateboard again to lift the back wheels off the ground.
  9. Land smoothly and ride away! Practice this technique until you get the hang of it.


How To Do Bunnyhop On A Skateboard: Step by Step

Step 1:

Find a flat surface to practice on. It’s best to start practicing bunnyhops on a flat surface until you feel comfortable enough to try them on ramps or other obstacles.


Step 2:

Place your feet on the skateboard in a comfortable stance. This will usually involve placing your back foot on the tail of the skateboard and your front foot slightly in front of the front truck.


Step 3:

Bend your knees slightly and shift your weight onto your back foot. This will help you get more lift when you perform the bunnyhop.


Step 4:

Push off the ground with your back foot while simultaneously lifting your front foot off the ground. As you push off, use your arms to lift your body off the ground as well.


Step 5:

As you lift off the ground, bring your front foot up to meet your back foot and land on the skateboard with both feet at the same time.


Step 6:

Keep your balance as you land and continue riding. If you feel like you’re going to fall, try to land with your feet slightly wider apart to give yourself more stability.


Step 7:

Practice the bunnyhop several times until you feel comfortable and can perform it consistently. As you get better at it, you can start practicing on different surfaces and obstacles.


What Are Some Tips For Mastering Bunnyhop?

Keep in mind the following advice if you’re having trouble with the recommendations above:


  • Focus on Foot Placement

To acquire a somewhat more comfortable stance, experiment with moving your feet.

With your back foot slightly beyond the bolts and your front foot in the middle, you might feel more comfortable. The way your feet land matters a lot and can significantly alter your gait.


  • Don’t Rush It

The bunny hop is not something you should anticipate learning instantly, like other tricks. On those YouTube videos, it can appear simple, but that’s only because the instructors are skilled skaters. Simple techniques like this come naturally to them.


  • Stick with the Basics

Before you can walk, don’t run. Or, to use skateboarding terminology, avoid performing a moving bunny hop before a stationary one.



In conclusion, bunnyhopping on a skateboard requires practice, coordination, and proper technique. To perform a bunnyhop, you must first approach a ramp or obstacle at a moderate speed. As you approach, bend your knees and lower your center of gravity. As you hit the ramp or obstacle, push off the ground with both feet and simultaneously extend your legs to lift the front and back wheels off the ground. To maintain balance, keep your feet centered on the deck and your body upright. With time and practice, you will be able to bunnyhop with ease and grace, allowing you to take on bigger and more challenging obstacles.

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