How To Cross Step On A Longboard

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If you’re looking to become more efficient and stylish on your longboard, you should learn how to cross step. To successfully master this technique, you need to practice consistently and dedicate time to strengthening your balance and stability. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to cross step on a longboard.


What is Cross-Stepping on a Longboard?

Cross-stepping is a footwork technique used to move from one side of the board to the other while maintaining your balance. This skill involves moving one foot at a time, in a crisscrossing pattern, and in a rhythm that allows for smooth transitions and fluid movement. Cross-stepping is a popular technique used by longboarders to stay in control of their board when cruising or carving down the street.


Why Should You Learn to Cross-Step on a Longboard?

There are several benefits to learning how to cross step on a longboard, including:

– Better Balance: Cross-stepping helps you to improve your balance and stability on the board. You’ll be able to maintain your center of gravity when moving across the deck, even when facing uneven terrain.

– Increased Control: By learning how to cross step on a longboard, you’ll be able to move from one end of the board to the other efficiently. This will help you to increase your control of the board and make it easier to steer and carve when necessary.

– Improved Style: Once you’ve mastered the technique, cross-stepping on a longboard is an incredibly stylish way to ride. It’ll impress your friends and provide a great sense of satisfaction as you glide effortlessly across the deck.


How to Start Cross-Stepping on a Longboard

Before you start practicing your cross-stepping technique, it’s important to ensure you have the right stance on your board. Place your front foot towards the center of the board, and your back foot near the tail. Your feet should be aligned with the board’s length, and your shoulders should be parallel to the ground.

Once you have the right stance, begin practicing your cross-step in a straight line. To do this, start by lifting one foot off the board, taking a step across your body, and placing it on the opposite side of the board. Then, repeat the process with your other foot. Cross your left foot over your right side or vice versa.


Advanced Cross-Stepping Techniques

After you’ve nailed the basics of cross-stepping, you can begin to experiment with more advanced techniques, such as:

– Kick Turn Cross Step: The kick turn cross step is when you combine cross-stepping with a kick turn. As you step over to the opposite end of the board, use your hips to initiate a turn. This will help you to turn smoothly and maintain control of the board.

– Nose Manual Cross Step: The nose manual cross step is when you lift the front wheels of your board off the ground while performing a cross step. To do this, shift your weight to your back foot and lift the front of the board into the air. Then, move to the front of the board while keeping the nose in the air.

– Cross Step Pivot: Cross step pivot is when you rotate your body as you cross step. This technique helps to create a smoother transition and can help you to maintain speed while carving.


Tips for Practicing Cross-Stepping

Here are some helpful tips for practicing your cross-stepping technique:

– Take it Slow: Don’t rush when learning this skill. Begin by taking small steps and gradually increasing your speed as you become more comfortable.

– Use Your Upper Body: To help you maintain balance, use your upper body to swing in the opposite direction of the foot you are stepping with.

– Stay Relaxed: Maintaining a relaxed stance is essential when cross-stepping. Try to keep your body loose, and avoid tensing up.



Cross-stepping on a longboard is an essential technique for any rider looking to take their skills to the next level. By following the tips outlined in this article, you’ll be able to improve your balance, increase your control, and enhance your style on the board. Remember to take it slow and practice consistently; with dedication and patience, you’ll be cross-stepping like a pro in no time.

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