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Skateboarding is not just a sport, it’s a culture and a lifestyle. Skateboarders are passionate about their boards and take great pride in their collection. Whether you’re a professional skateboarder or a collector, displaying your skateboard decks is an excellent way to show off your love for the sport and to keep your decks protected.


In this guide, we’ll explore different methods for displaying your skateboard decks, including wall mounts, shelves, and skateboard stands. We’ll also provide tips on how to keep your decks in the best condition and how to choose the right display option for your collection.


Understanding the Different Types of Skateboard Deck Displays

When it comes to displaying skateboard decks, there are several options to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most popular display methods:


Wall Mounts: Wall mounts are a great option if you want to showcase a few of your favorite decks and save space. They’re easy to install and come in various styles, from simple hooks to custom-designed displays. The only downside is that you need to drill holes in your wall, which may not be suitable for renters or those who don’t want to damage their walls.


Shelves: Shelves are a versatile option that allows you to display multiple decks at once. You can choose from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and acrylic, to match your decor. The only downside is that shelves can be more expensive than wall mounts and may take up more space in your room.


Skateboard Stands: Skateboard stands are a great option for collectors who have a large number of decks and want to keep them organized. They come in different styles, from simple holders to custom-designed stands. The only downside is that they can be expensive and take up a lot of space.


How to Keep Your Skateboard Decks in the Best Condition

Whether you’re displaying your decks on a wall mount, shelf, or skateboard stand, it’s important to keep them in the best condition possible. Here are some tips to help you protect your decks:


Keep them away from moisture: Moisture can cause warping and damage to your decks, so it’s important to keep them away from sources of moisture, such as windows and damp areas.


Avoid direct sunlight: Direct sunlight can fade the graphics on your decks, so it’s best to keep them out of direct sunlight or use UV-resistant glass to protect them.


Store them vertically: Storing your decks vertically helps to prevent warping and keeps them in the best condition possible.


Keep them dust-free: Dust can cause scratches and damage to your decks, so it’s important to keep them clean and dust-free.


Use protective covers: Protective covers are a great way to keep your decks in the best condition, especially if you’re storing them for long periods.


Choosing the Right Display Option for Your Collection

  1. Wall-Mounted Display: A wall-mounted display is a great option for those who want to keep their skateboard decks visible and easily accessible. You can purchase a wall mounted display rack or create your own using a combination of brackets and shelves.
  2. Floor Display Stand: A floor display stand is another option for displaying your skateboard decks. This type of display stand is perfect for those who have limited wall space or want to create a focal point in their room.
  3. Glass Display Case: A glass display case is perfect for those who want to protect their skateboard decks from dust and other elements. A glass display case can be wall mounted or freestanding, and it provides a clear view of the decks from all angles.
  4. Shadow Box Display: A shadow box display is a great way to display your skateboard decks and show off their unique designs and graphics. This type of display allows you to showcase your decks in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
  5. Hanging Display: Hanging displays are a great option for those who want to display their skateboard decks in a unique and eye-catching way. You can hang your decks from a hook or rod, or you can use a combination of hooks and shelves to create a hanging display that showcases your collection in a unique way.


Regardless of the display option you choose, make sure it is sturdy, secure, and will keep your decks in good condition for years to come.



In conclusion, displaying skateboard decks is an art form that can showcase your love for skateboarding and also act as a great conversation starter for fellow enthusiasts. Whether you choose to display them on a wall, in a display case or on a skateboard rack, the options are endless. The key is to find a method that works best for you and your collection. Remember to keep the decks in a clean and dry environment to preserve their quality and value. So go ahead and proudly display your skateboard decks and let your passion shine.

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