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Bodyboarding is one of the most exciting water sports that anyone can try. It is a water sport where a person rides on a small board while riding the waves. It requires a lot of technical skills, and the backflip is one of the most challenging tricks to master.

In this article, we will learn how to do a backflip in bodyboarding. We will also discuss some essential techniques, safety tips, and common mistakes to avoid. So, let’s dive in!


What is a backflip in bodyboarding?

As the name suggests, a backflip is a trick that involves flipping your body upside down in mid-air and then back to the starting position. It is a challenging trick to master because it requires a lot of technical skills, coordination, and body control.

A backflip is performed by launching off the wave and using your body momentum to propel yourself into the air. Once in the air, tuck your knees up to your chest and then flip your body quickly. This trick should be done as quickly as possible as it is high risk.


What are the pre-requisites for attempting a backflip?

Before attempting a backflip, you should have a good understanding of the basic bodyboarding skills, such as trimming and carving. Also, you should be comfortable with surfing on larger and steeper waves as they offer more opportunity to perform a backflip.

Additionally, you should have strong body control and have the ability to pump your weight forward and back on your board to generate speed and momentum to execute a backflip.


How to initiate the backflip?

To initiate the backflip, you will need a steep wave with sufficient power to provide you with enough momentum to execute the trick. As you approach the lip of the wave, you should tilt your head back and lean back on your board.

This tilting motion helps to shift your weight back and generate upward momentum. Next, use your legs to spring upwards by extending them, pushing gently off the board.

Once in the air, bring your knees up to your chest while simultaneously tilting your head forward and lowering your upper body. This tucking motion is essential and allows you to rotate fully while maintaining control.


What are the essential body movements you need to do for a backflip?

To do a backflip, you will need to master essential body movements. These include:

1. Lean back – shift your weight back and tilt your head back to generate upward momentum.

2. Spring from the board – use your legs to spring upward by extending them, then gently push off the board.

3. Tuck your legs – tuck your legs up to your chest while also tilting your head forward and lowering your body.

4. Rotate – Rotate your body quickly while keeping your arms close to your body to maintain control.

5. Extend your legs – extend your legs out straight once you have completed the flipping motion.


How to land a backflip?

Landing a backflip requires practice and perfect timing. Once you have rotated fully and released your legs, you need to focus on your landing. As you start to come down, use your body control to land back onto your board smoothly.

Make sure you extend your arms out to maintain balance, and your feet are positioned on the board towards the tail end. Once your board has reconnected with the water, start carving back into the wave, maintaining your speed and momentum.


Common mistakes to avoid

1. Not generating enough momentum- if you don’t have enough momentum, you won’t be able to execute the trick successfully.

2. Not tucking enough – if you don’t tuck, you may not be able to spin fully, which could be dangerous.

3. Not keeping your body tight – If your arms or legs are not close to your body, you may lose balance or get disorientated.

4. Not looking at the landing spot – Make sure you focus on your landing spot and stay focused as you land back on the board.

5. Over-rotation – Over-rotation can cause you to lose control and balance, which can result in a wipeout.



In conclusion, doing a backflip in bodyboarding is a challenging trick that requires skill, control, and technique. We hope that this article has given you the necessary information you need to get started and master this impressive trick. Remember, safety always comes first, so make sure you practice in safe conditions, wear proper gear, and never attempt anything that you feel uncomfortable with. Happy Bodyboarding!

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