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You can get around the village or university using your skateboard. However, that does not apply when continuing to move forward is illogical. Therefore, you take it and connect it to your body using a bag or a wrap-around.

For a few reasons, you might not always want to carry your skateboard in your backpack. Additionally, not everyone has the space or time to fold up some skate straps. And if you’re one of them, let me show you how to walk while holding a skateboard.


What Are Best Ways To Hold Your Skateboard Properly?

There are a couple additional methods to handle and hold your skateboard while still looking pretty nice. Having said that, some of these methods are cozier and more attractive than others.


  • Mall Grab

A mall grab is the first and most common approach to hold your board. When you do this, the world can see the graphic or grind scars on your skateboard because you are holding it by the trucks with your grip tape towards your body.

Your fingers should be able to slid over the hanger of the truck and split in half to wrap around the kingpin. Above the bottom of the board, your hand should be almost completely closed.

The mall grab is viewed as a sin in various skating groups for a variety of reasons. That stated, you won’t have any problems.

Your choice in how to hold your board is entirely subjective. Perhaps it’s because Bieber was pictured gripping his skateboard in that manner.


  • Griptaping A Skateboard While Holding It

This skateboard holding technique is very self-explanatory. With the design facing out and the grip tape against your body, hold the board in the middle. This is how your skateboard should be held, according to convention.

Your fingers should be wrapped around the coping on the side of your skateboard, and the board should be held close to your hip with your arm extending over the graphic.

Although some balance is required, getting the hang of holding your board in this manner quickly becomes second nature.

However, there is a drawback to using the grip tape when holding your skateboard. Your clothing will eventually become damaged by the grip’s rubbing.


  • Pinching The Board

In an emergency, you can hold your board with the grip tape facing either direction, which is typically out in public view.

In essence, you take hold of the board with one hand, in the center, and pinch down. Your fingers should be on the skateboard’s underside, with your thumb on the side of the grip.

In a pinch, holding your skateboard has certain disadvantages. First, you will undoubtedly get hand cramping. Second, gripping your skateboard in this manner is almost certain to result in several drops.


  • Carrying On The Shoulders

As the board must be supported by your arms as well as your shoulders, this technique calls for extra strength. Lift your elbows up to shoulder height to begin. Raise your arms so that your hands are facing forward.


How To Carry Your Skateboard In Your Backpack?

It’s crucial to avoid holding your skateboard by the grip if you’re carrying it in your bag. The skateboard wheels will scratch against the back of your skateboard backpack if you hold it by the grip. Instead, depending on how big it is, you can carry your skateboard on your bag either upright or sideways.

Additional options exist for carrying your skateboard in your backpack.

The skateboard can be fastened to the backpack using a carrying strap as the first method. This strap needs to be long enough to allow you to wear the bag comfortably and still have enough for your arms to move about.


What Are The Risks Of Not Holding Your Skateboard Properly?

It’s crucial to hold your skateboard correctly to avoid injury. For instance, the board can slip out of your hands and injure you if you have a poor grasp on it.

You might tumble off your skateboard if it were to slid out from under you. Using an improper grip on your skateboard carries a few risks. These dangers could include:

  • Harm to your wrists or hands.
  • Injuries to the ankles or feet.
  • A scratch on your board.



Taking the finest precautions when transporting your skateboard is part of caring for it. Make sure you’re most comfortable using the method you chose.

We can travel skateboards easily if we know how to hold one while walking. Therefore, keep in mind the advice I provided to direct you in carrying out the task correctly.

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Josh Mitchell

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