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Bodyboarding is an exciting and exhilarating sport that can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced riders. It is a wonderful way to get out in the water and experience the thrill of waves. However, developing a good bodyboarding style and flow is essential to maximizing your riding experience. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to improve your bodyboarding style and flow to help you have a more enjoyable experience on the waves.


What is Bodyboarding Style and Flow?

Style and flow are basic concepts that a bodyboarder needs to understand to make themselves distinct from other bodyboarders. The style represents the way the bodyboarder appears while riding the wave, while the flow talks about the way you harmonize with the wave.

Style is driven by your movements and body stance while you ride, from how you lean to how you move your arms to balance yourself. Flow, on the other hand, is about how well you navigate your board on the waves’ ripples and keep up a smooth and progressive line while surfing.

Both bodyboarding style and flow take time to develop, which makes the mastering of this sport worthwhile. If you incorporate the following tips below into your bodyboarding, you’ll experience a more fun and fulfilling ride.


Body Positioning

Body positioning is an essential aspect of bodyboarding, and it requires proper alignment with the board to keep an even weight distribution while riding a wave. If your body position is off, you will face a lot of problems riding waves smoothly.

Pay attention to your hand positioning as well, and make sure your hands are above your chest & stomach and towards the nose of the board. If your arms are out of sync with your balance, you might end up flailing in the water, making it hard to flow with the wave.


Choose the Right Board

Choosing the right board that fits your style and the conditions you will ride is imperative. Some bodyboards are shorter, some are longer, and each board has its unique features that impact your riding experience.

The right board should be appropriate for your skill level, wave size, density, water temp & personality. If you’re a beginner, grab a high-density foam board that’s long and more buoyant to keep you balanced. On the other hand, you don’t need a board that is too long or cumbersome since it’ll impact how well you flow through the wave.


Watch Other Bodyboarders

Another way to improve your style and flow is to watch how other bodyboarders ride. You can pick up new moves, body positions and techniques that you can incorporate into your own ride. Look specifically at their hand placement, board manoeuvring, and balance technique.

Watching others can also expose you to different riding styles, and you can start incorporating those styles that work best for you to create your own unique approach.


Work on Your Physical Fitness

Bodyboarding is a physical sport, and it can be challenging to ride waves without good fitness. A good bodyboarding style and flow require you to have good endurance, balance and flexibility. Building a good base of physical fitness will enable you to ride the waves longer, better and with less fatigue.

A brisk walk or jog followed by a full body stretching will activate and loosen your muscles to meet the physical intensity required for bodyboarding. You can also perform specific exercises that target your arms, chest, legs and hips. It will ensure your body is active, flexible and appropriately warmed up for bodyboarding.


Start with Small Waves

If you want to improve your bodyboarding style and flow, it’s best to start with smaller waves. Waves that are less than waist-high will give you enough space to work on your technique without getting overwhelmed by the wave’s intensity.

Riding smaller waves allows you to build your confidence, maneuver your board effortlessly on the wave, and work on your flow. Once you can handle small waves consistently, you can move on to more massive waves, and you’ll find the increase in intensity and challenge much easier to cope with.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Lastly, practice makes perfect. The only way to improve your bodyboarding style and flow is by continuing to ride waves and honing your skills. Take advantage of every opportunity to get in the water and ride waves; the more waves you ride, the better you’ll become.

If you want to take your bodyboarding to the next level, you can consider getting into competitions or joining a bodyboard group or club. They serve as an excellent environment to share your knowledge, get feedback from others riders, and work with them to improve your style and flow.



Having a good bodyboarding style and flow is essential for every rider, regardless of their experience level. It takes time, effort and multiple sessions to hone your bodyboarding skills, but it’s an incredibly enjoyable experience. Incorporate these tips into your bodyboarding, and you’ll become a more confident, skilled, and satisfied rider. Now go out there and let the waves teach you flow and style.

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Josh Mitchell

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