How To Make Longboard Wheels Spin Longer

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Are your longboard wheels not spinning as long as you’d like? Several factors can affect a longboard wheel’s spin time, including bearing quality, cleanliness, and lubrication. In this article, we’ll explore how to make longboard wheels spin longer and address six sub-questions related to the topic.


Why do longboard wheels lose spin time over time?

Longboard wheels can lose spin time over time due to various factors:

  1. Wear and Tear: Longboard wheels are subjected to constant friction and wear as they roll on different surfaces. This wear can lead to a loss of spin time over time. The contact between the wheels and the ground causes the material to gradually wear down, resulting in a decrease in overall performance.
  2. Dirt and Debris: Longboard wheels often accumulate dirt, dust, and debris from the road or skatepark. These particles can get trapped in the wheel bearings, creating additional friction and resistance, which reduces spin time. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent excessive buildup and prolong spin time.
  3. Bearing Lubrication: The bearings inside the longboard wheels require proper lubrication to maintain optimal performance. Over time, the lubricant may dry out or become less effective, increasing friction and decreasing spin time. Lubricating the bearings regularly with appropriate skateboard bearing oil can help restore spin time.
  4. Heat and Temperature: Extreme heat or prolonged exposure to high temperatures can affect the performance of longboard wheels. Heat can cause the materials to expand or soften, leading to increased friction and reduced spin time. It’s important to avoid leaving your longboard in excessively hot environments or exposing it to extreme temperature changes.
  5. Quality and Age of Bearings: The quality of the bearings used in longboard wheels can impact their spin time. Lower-quality bearings may experience faster degradation and reduced spin time compared to higher-quality bearings. Additionally, over time, even high-quality bearings can wear out and lose their efficiency, resulting in diminished spin time.


How can bearing quality affect longboard wheel spin time?

The higher the quality of the bearing, the longer the spin time of the longboard wheel. Bearings made with better quality materials and precision in the manufacturing process will reduce friction and allow the wheel to spin more freely.


How can cleaning longboard bearings improve wheel spin time?

Cleaning longboard bearings can significantly improve wheel spin time. Removing dirt, dust, and debris will allow the bearing to spin more freely, improving overall roll speed. A cleaning solvent and a bearing cleaning kit can help remove any unwanted debris.


What is the best lubricant to use for longboard bearings?

The best lubricant to use for longboard bearings is typically a high-quality synthetic lubricant, as it lasts longer and can handle higher temperatures. Grease lubricants are also a popular choice as they are sticky and can better adhere to bearing surfaces, providing better protection against wear.


How often should longboard bearings be lubricated?

Longboard bearings should be lubricated every few months to maintain their performance. However, the frequency of lubrication will depend on how often the longboard is used and the riding conditions.


Can swapping out longboard wheels for a different set improve spin time?

Swapping out longboard wheels for a different set can improve spin time, depending on the set of wheels being used. Wheels made with higher-quality materials and precision in the manufacturing process will reduce friction and allow for longer spin times.



In conclusion, enhancing the speed of your longboard requires a combination of various factors and a focused approach towards optimization. By considering key elements such as choosing the right equipment, maintaining a proper stance and posture, improving your technique, and regularly practicing, you can significantly increase your longboard’s speed.

Selecting a longboard with suitable characteristics, such as a lightweight and aerodynamic design, low rolling resistance wheels, and high-quality bearings, forms the foundation for achieving greater speed. Additionally, ensuring that your longboard is well-maintained by keeping the bearings clean and lubricated, replacing worn-out wheels, and regularly checking for any loose components, can help maximize its performance.

Equally important is adopting a correct stance and posture while riding. By positioning your body in a streamlined manner, reducing wind resistance, and maintaining a balanced and centered posture, you can effectively minimize unnecessary drag and gain extra speed. Additionally, mastering techniques like pumping and carving, which allow you to generate and maintain momentum, can greatly enhance your overall speed and control on the longboard.

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