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Cleaning your skateboard frequently is one of the easiest ways to increase its speed. Maintaining cleanliness can make your skateboard go more smoothly because a buildup of dirt and grime can cause it to slow down. Additionally, ensure sure the bearings are properly oiled because doing so will make your skateboard spin faster.

You can spend money on aftermarket parts if you’re serious about making your skateboard quicker. The most common upgrades include bigger wheels, which will accelerate your skateboard’s rolling speed, and faster bearings, which will accelerate your skateboard’s spinning speed. Additionally, you can purchase trucks made specifically for speed, albeit these can be more expensive.

Your skateboard may be made much quicker with a few easy adjustments, making it more enjoyable to ride and providing you an advantage in competition. Just keep in mind to always ride safely, regardless of how quickly your board is going.


Why Is Your Skateboard So Slow?

The speed of your skateboard is influenced by a number of variables, such as the rider’s weight, the surface you’re skating on, and the size of your wheels. There are a few things you may attempt to improve your skateboard’s performance if you find it to be slow.

Make sure your wheels are properly inflated as one action you may take. Altering the sort of surface you’re skating on is another option; for instance, skating on concrete will be slower than skating on asphalt. Last but not least, you might want to think about obtaining a lighter board or lighter wheels if you’re heavier than normal. You should be able to get your skateboard moving a little faster by making these easy tweaks.


What Are The Different Ways To Speed Up A Skateboard?

The problem is not always with the wheels if you want your skateboard wheels to spin more quickly so you can move more quickly. In fact, you can perform the following to speed up the wheels on your skateboard:


  • Loosen Your Axle Nuts

If your skateboard wheels are not spinning as quickly as you would like, you should always start by loosening the axle nuts. It is simple to do, and you could discover that you can correct problems and return to the board in only a few minutes.

Spin the wheels by hand to inspect the wheels and the tightness of the axle nuts before making any changes to them. They ought to spin easily and cease gradually when you spin them

If the wheels start spinning and stop abruptly or even reverse direction after stopping, you have a problem. If so, the axle nuts are most likely too tight.

To slightly loosen the axle nut, use a skate tool. Turn it in a counterclockwise direction, but not too far. Usually, all it takes to get things moving is a small turn. Several minor tweaks are preferable to one large one that goes too far in the pursuit of tightness.


  • Clean Your Skateboard Wheels

You’ll probably discover that you frequently clean the wheels. The speed and feel of the ride may change as a result of this simple action.

Although it doesn’t really matter, you can occasionally get rid of the contact patch by gently sliding the skateboard back and forth on the pavement if it has gum or tar on the wheels. Be careful not to cause the wheels to become flat.


  • Clean Your Wheel Bearings

The speed of your skateboard wheels will most likely be affected by cleaning the skateboard bearings. It isn’t the simplest option, which is the only reason I didn’t put it first on the list.

The same dirt and grease that collect on the wheels will likewise do the same to the bearings. If too much time passes, the bearings may potentially seize up, which would put you in a dead-end situation.


  • Swap The Wheels Around

If you routinely ride, you might discover that you need to replace your wheels every few months. By moving them on the axles, you can extend the duration between replacements. Alternate the left rear with the right front before switching the other two.

You might see some flat spots or indications that one is present. Uncomfortable rides and slowed speeds result from improperly formed wheels.


  • Get Top-Rated Bearings

You will discover that your bearings last a very long period if you maintain them as we mentioned above. There may be times when you need to replace them or you may simply replace them to make the wheels spin faster.


  • Buy New Wheels That Match Your Style

New skateboard wheels should be your final alternative. The performance of skateboard wheels is influenced by the surface you skate on. On smooth concrete, harder tires go more quickly (like skate parks). Rougher roads benefit from softer wheels.


Do Bearings Make A Skateboard Faster?

The quick response is “no” The speed you can travel on a skateboard is not primarily influenced by the bearings. They can, however, have other effects on your performance and quickness.

For instance, higher-grade bearings often spin more smoothly and for longer periods of time than bearings of inferior quality. This can help you keep up your speed for long stretches of time and possibly even help you reach higher total speeds. Furthermore, bearings with lower coefficients of friction will typically take less energy to maintain rotation, allowing you to focus more energy on actually going forward.

In the end, YOU have the biggest role in how quickly you can skateboard. Having said that, focusing on your bearings is a fantastic place to start if you want to increase your speed and performance.



If you wish to, you can skateboard at higher speeds. How quickly can you ride, then? The usual skateboard travels at a speed of between 5 and 12 mph. Did you know that Peter Connolly of the United Kingdom achieved the fastest board speed, which was roughly 91.7 mph?

It is indeed feasible. You can reach a fast speed by simply following the tips and tricks given in this article on how to make your skateboard quicker. Consider the type of board you plan to utilize as well. If you want to increase your speed, longboards are perfect. Conversely, standard skateboards can also accelerate quickly as long as they are maintained properly.

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