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Bodyboarding is not just a recreational activity. It is a passion that requires skill, practice, and patience. One of the most exciting maneuvers in bodyboarding is the tube ride. This maneuver involves riding inside the barrel of a wave, which is a thrilling experience for any bodyboarder.

In this article, we will discuss tube riding in bodyboarding in detail, including its definition, how to perform it, and tips for success. We will also answer some common questions that beginner bodyboarders may have.


What is a tube ride in bodyboarding?

A tube ride, also known as a barrel or a pit, is a maneuver that involves riding inside the hollow part of a wave. It is considered the ultimate goal for many bodyboarders, as it is challenging and requires a high level of skill. A tube ride is a thrilling experience, as the bodyboarder is surrounded by the powerful energy of the wave, with only a few inches of water between them and the wave’s curl.


How do you perform a tube ride in bodyboarding?

Performing a tube ride requires a few essential steps and techniques. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perform a tube ride in bodyboarding:

Step 1: Positioning yourself

The first step to performing a tube ride is to position yourself correctly. You should approach the wave at an angle, slightly behind the peak, and start paddling towards the shoulder of the wave. It is crucial to stay close to the curl of the wave, as this is where the tube will form.

Step 2: Paddling

Once you have positioned yourself correctly, start paddling hard towards the wave. You need to generate enough speed to catch the wave and get inside the barrel. You should paddle with your arms and legs to create momentum and get closer to the wave.

Step 3: Take-off

Once you are close enough to the wave and have the right speed, it’s time to take-off. You should pop up on your board and start riding down the face of the wave. This will help you get inside the barrel. As you take off, keep your weight centered over the board and maintain a low center of gravity.

Step 4: Entering the barrel

As you ride down the face of the wave, you will feel the energy of the wave sucking you inside the barrel. This is where the real fun begins. To enter the barrel, you need to lean forward and pump your body as you ride deeper into the tube. This will help you maintain your speed, balance, and control inside the tube.

Step 5: Riding the barrel

Once inside the barrel, you need to stay focused and attentive. You can make adjustments to your speed and direction by shifting your weight on the board as needed. As you ride the barrel, keep your arms close to your body and your eyes focused on the exit. This will help you stay balanced and in control.

Step 6: Exiting the barrel

Exiting the barrel is as crucial as getting inside it. To exit the barrel, you need to ride towards the end of the wave, where it starts to break. At this point, lean back and use your fins to turn the board towards the shoulder of the wave. Once you have exited the barrel, continue to ride the wave until it loses its energy.


What are the essential tips for performing a tube ride in bodyboarding?

Here are some essential tips that can help you improve your tube riding skills in bodyboarding:

1. Choose the right wave: Not all waves are ideal for performing a tube ride. You need to choose a wave that is breaking hollow and has the right amount of power and size.

2. Position yourself correctly: It is crucial to position yourself correctly to get inside the barrel. You should approach the wave at an angle, behind the peak, and stay close to the curl.

3. Generate enough speed: To get inside the barrel, you need to generate enough speed. You should paddle hard towards the wave and pop up quickly on your board as you take off.

4. Stay centered and low: Maintaining a low center of gravity and staying centered over the board is essential for staying balanced and in control inside the barrel.

5. Focus on the exit: You need to keep your eyes focused on the exit of the barrel to ensure that you can exit it smoothly and safely.

6. Practice, practice, practice: Like any other skill in bodyboarding, tube riding requires practice and patience. Keep trying, and with time, you’ll master this exciting maneuver.


What are the benefits of tube riding in bodyboarding?

Aside from the thrilling experience, tube riding has several benefits for bodyboarders. Here are some of the benefits of tube riding in bodyboarding:

1. Improves balance and control: Tube riding requires a high level of balance and control. Practicing this maneuver can help bodyboarders improve their balance and control skills.

2. Provides a sense of accomplishment: Tube riding is considered the ultimate goal for many bodyboarders. Achieving this goal can provide a significant sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

3. Increases adrenaline and excitement: Tube riding is a thrilling experience that can increase adrenaline and excitement levels, which can be beneficial for overall mental and emotional health.

4. Enhances physical fitness: Bodyboarding, including tube riding, is an excellent way to stay physically fit and active. It can enhance endurance, strength, and flexibility.


What are the most common mistakes when performing a tube ride in bodyboarding?

Bodyboarding, including tube riding, requires precision and skill. However, many beginners make common mistakes when performing this maneuver. Here are some of the most common mistakes in tube riding:

1. Incorrect positioning: Many beginners make the mistake of positioning themselves too far away or too close to the wave, making it challenging to enter the barrel.

2. Lack of speed: Failing to generate enough speed when paddling towards the wave can make it difficult to get inside the barrel.

3. Improper weight distribution: Poor weight distribution can make it challenging to maintain balance and control inside the barrel.

4. Lack of focus: Losing focus inside the barrel can result in missing the exit or falling off the board, which can be dangerous.

5. Not practicing enough: Like any other skill, tube riding requires practice and patience. Not practicing enough can make it challenging to improve one’s skills.



Tube riding is a challenging and exciting skill in bodyboarding. It requires precision, speed, balance, and control. By following the steps and tips outlined in this article, you can improve your tube riding skills and experience the thrilling sensation of riding inside a wave’s barrel. However, always remember to prioritize safety and practice regularly to become a proficient bodyboarder.

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