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Longboarding is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors in style, whether it’s cruising around town, tackling hills, or carving up the pavement. One of the most popular and exciting tricks in longboarding is the pendulum slide, a technique that involves sliding the board sideways while maintaining control and balance. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about how to perform a longboard pendulum slide, including the techniques, the gear you need, and safety considerations.


What is a Pendulum Slide?

A pendulum slide is a sideways slide performed while longboarding. It involves turning the board perpendicular to the direction of travel, kicking out the back wheels, and sliding the board across the pavement. With this technique, the rider is able to lower their speed quickly, make sharp turns, and perform various tricks. A pendulum slide is a great way for longboarders to show off their skills and add another dimension to their experience.


What gear do you need to perform a Pendulum Slide?

Before attempting any longboarding tricks, it is essential to have the right gear for safety and comfort. Here are the essential pieces of gear required to perform a pendulum slide:

1. Longboard: Choose a longboard that is stable and has a sturdy wheelbase. A drop-through deck will provide more stability and ease of movement.

2. Good quality wheels: Wheels play a significant role in the performance of your longboard, particularly when performing slides. Get wheels that are made of high-quality material and designed for sliding.

3. Griptape: Use griptape on the board to add grip and make it more comfortable to stand on. It will help your shoes stay firmly on the board while performing the slide.

4. Helmet: Always wear a helmet when longboarding, but especially when attempting a pendulum slide. It can protect your head in case of falls or accidents.

5. Gloves: Gloves are essential when sliding as they protect your hands and fingers from abrasions when sliding and provide grip when carving.


What are the Techniques Involved in Performing a Pendulum Slide?

The pendulum slide involves a series of steps and techniques that must be followed precisely. Here’s how to perform a successful pendulum slide:

1. Pick up speed: To perform a pendulum slide, you should pick up some speed. Make sure you are balanced and positioned correctly on the board before starting the slide.

2. Initiate the Slide: Once you have picked up some speed, shift your weight to the back of the board, and carve in the opposite direction to the slide. this will help bring the board perpendicular to the direction of travel.

3. Kick out: This is the moment you kick out your back wheels perpendicular to the direction of travel. This will create traction and resistance between the wheels and the pavement, which will allow you to slide comfortably. Lean your shoulders and torso towards your toeside (frontside) edge so that your board drifts effortlessly.

4. Slide: Continue sliding sideways until you are almost stopped or going at a speed that feels comfortable to you. During this slide, it is important to maintain your balance, control, and look for an exit. Your gloves play a crucial role in controlling the slide, as they help you maintain traction and control of the slide.

5. Recover: Once you’ve finished sliding, bring your wheels back onto the pavement and shift your weight across the board to return to your original position. Congratulations! You’ve just completed a pendulum slide.


What are the Common Mistakes Longboarders Make When Performing a Pendulum Slide?

Like any other sport or activity, making mistakes is normal, especially when learning new tricks. Here are some of the common mistakes longboarders make when attempting a pendulum slide:

1. Not wearing protective gear: Protective gear is essential when longboarding, especially when it comes to performing tricks like pendulum slides.

2. Not picking up enough speed: A pendulum slide requires a certain amount of speed to be successful. If you don’t pick up enough speed, it will be difficult to execute the slide.

3. Not initiating the slide: This can cause the board to skid to a stop abruptly, making the riders lose balance.

4. Incorrect body positioning: Positioning your body incorrectly can make it hard to control the slide and result in falls or injuries.

5. Not maintaining balance: Maintaining balance is crucial when performing a pendulum slide. If you lean too much or put too much weight on the wrong side of the board, you may lose control.


How to Practice Pendulum Slides?

Practicing pendulum slides can be intimidating, but it’s important to take the time and effort to get comfortable with the technique. Here are a few tips on how to practice pendulum slides:

1. Start slowly: Begin with easy slides and gradually work up to more challenging ones.

2. Find a suitable area: Select an appropriate location that’s wide, flat, and free from obstacles.

3. Practice with experienced riders: Riding with experienced friends can help you understand the technique better and learn from their experience.

4. Master body positioning: Learning to position your body correctly will help you maintain balance and control during the slide.

5. Practice frequently: Practicing pendulum slides frequently will help you master the technique, build confidence, and lower your speed safely.


What Are the Safety Considerations When Performing a Pendulum Slide?

Safety should be the top priority when longboarding or performing any other outdoor activity. Here are some safety considerations when performing a pendulum slide:

1. Wear protective gear: As mentioned earlier, wear protective gear such as helmets and gloves to prevent injuries.

2. Use a suitable location: Choose a suitable location that’s wide, flat, and free from obstacles.

3. Watch out for traffic: Longboarding in the street can be dangerous, so always watch out for traffic and other cars on the road.

4. Learn the technique gradually: Take the time to practice and learn the technique gradually to avoid injuries or accidents.

5. Don’t exceed your comfort level: Pushing yourself beyond your comfort level can put you at risk, so don’t attempt anything that feels unsafe or beyond your skill level.



In conclusion, performing a pendulum slide is an adventurous and exciting technique for longboarders. It requires practice, patience, and of course, safety and protective gear. Pay attention to the steps and techniques involved, keep your body balanced and stay in control, and above all, take the necessary safety precautions when attempting this trick. With practice, anyone can learn to perform a perfect pendulum slide and add some style to their longboarding experience.

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