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After perfecting a skateboarding technique, it is advisable to pick up a brand-new one. Learning tricks for skateboarding gives you more than just a competitive edge. In the event of danger on the road, it also serves as a defensive strategy.

A cool approach to spin the board 180 degrees while dragging the wheels along the ground is to do a Revert. A reversion can be performed on either the front or back trucks, as well as the front or backside. You must master kick turns before you can learn to revert. From that point, learning to Revert will be easy and intuitive.

The level of self-satisfaction you will have after learning to revert is far greater than the trick’s complexity warrants, so take pleasure in it. Tricks don’t usually come this easily.

Let me demonstrate how to revert skateboard because it is a well-known trick among skateboarders.


What Are The Steps On How To Revert Skateboard?

Step 1: Position your feet

Assume you are currently cruising along on your skateboard. Right before the point where the board’s nose rises, place your front foot. The opposite pocket of the skateboard, where the tail starts to elevate, should have your other foot.

To be prepared for a pivot, you must leave enough room between your feet. By using this technique, you may more easily control the board and prevent your feet from contacting one another when reverting.


Step 2: Move your shoulders first.

Open your arms wide and face in the opposite direction as the trajectory of your board. Turn your shoulders in the desired direction. Before continuing to follow with your hips and finishing the reversing motion, be sure you have enough momentum.

Consider bending your knees a little. You can better control the board and create your core by taking this move.


Step 3: Follow with your hips.

Turn your hips so they face your shoulders. Using your rear foot, concurrently drag the back of your skateboard. While carrying out this action, take care to maintain your equilibrium. As your hips turn after your shoulders have made their initial rotation, the back wheels are now traveling to the front.

You should now notice your front foot turning around your back foot. Keep your first front foot as stable as you can as a result.


Step 4: Complete the reverting process.

Counter-rotate your shoulders as soon as you shift your hips in the direction of the rotation of your shoulders. Reversing is now complete, and if you do it over or below 180°, you will start to detect a change in your direction.

Be sure to wait for a few meters after the skateboard has moved before pushing it once more. This part is to make sure you’re going on the right path.


How To Do Frontside Revert

  • Set Your Feet in Place

For this trick, you can be a little flexible with your foot placement.

My feet being closer to the front of the board greatly benefited me when I initially started learning and practicing reverts. This made it simpler for me to lift my weight and pull the back trucks with me as I pivoted.

Once you are more accustomed to Reverts, you will be able to easily Revert while keeping your feet in an Ollie posture.

  • Roll your shoulders back

Like most tricks, a revert is controlled by your shoulders. Turn a little in the opposite direction of the direction you’ll be turning to wind up your shoulders before you Revert. You can then relax your shoulders and turn your skateboard with ease and grace by utilizing your momentum.


  • Bend Your Knees

With Reverts, it can be challenging to get a feel for how your weight transfers and you sort of jump while not actually jumping.

To sort of leap up so that your entire weight isn’t on your skateboard, bend your knees before you loosen your shoulders. You’re not jumping all the way. Instead, you will only facilitate the dragging of those wheels.


  • Move your shoulders in a circle.

Now comes the Revert itself. Unbend your knees so that you slightly rise as your board spins, and turn those shoulders into a full 180-degree turn. I believe that concentrating on your shoulders as you turn is quite helpful. As the board follows your shoulders, you’ll be able to gauge how high you should jump.

On occasion, you may unintentionally kick 180 degrees. Other times, you could overload your trucks and prevent them from rotating completely. Developing a solid sense for this takes time, but it also happens quickly.

Normally, I prefer to keep notes on how my tricks are coming along, but I picked up Reverting so quickly that I was unable to even attempt to keep track of my lands and mistakes.


  • Follow with Your Feet and Board

The majority of this turn is done subconsciously. Your legs and board will move once your shoulders do. concentrate on the shoulders Believe me. Your shoulders will follow your board as it rotates. Some YouTube lessons promote the opposite, claiming that your shoulders can turn after your board turns, however it is a poor habit.

Any outstanding skater, such as Nyjah Huston or Andy Anderson, will lead their spin tricks with their shoulders. Take after them.


How To Backside Revert

It wouldn’t make sense for me to repeat the entire formula I set down for a Frontside Revert because a Backside Revert and a Frontside Revert are so identical. I’ll just highlight a few points instead.

The procedure is similar in general.

  • Position Your Feet
  • Bend Your Knees
  • Wind up Your Shoulders
  • Swing Your Shoulders Around
  • Follow with Your Feet and Board


In a few crucial ways, a Backside Revert differs from a Frontside Revert.

  • You’ll have to use your shoulders to lead.
  • The Backside Revert is actually an extremely good warm-up for the Backside 180, a trick that’s not at all simple.
  • Starting with Fakie Backside Reverts may be simpler.



Revert is a rotation accomplished by dragging the wheels over the surface. Usually 180 degrees, but occasionally less can be done frontside or backside. Typically, the skateboard’s wheels generate a screeching noise during this maneuver. If you’d rather, you can do it while simply rolling along. It is a chic technique to reverse directions, and you may add it to the conclusion of a trick you’ve successfully executed to score even more style points.

A reversion can be performed alone or out of almost any trick. It only counts if it starts before the trick is complete and sort of flows out of the trick. It’s too late and doesn’t really count if you successfully complete a trick before attempting to screech a 180 out.

A good way to get used to the entire rotation is to perform reverts from newly learned tricks. Building on the revert until you can achieve the complete rotation you want is a good idea. Just don’t start relying on it. It is a little cheap unless done well.

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