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The more time we spend skating, the more we experiment with different techniques and tools.

We will eventually need to fix, replace certain parts, or maybe put the skateboard away permanently, just like many other skaters. But regardless of whether we want to use them again soon after putting them away, we must always think about smart skateboard storage solutions.

Let’s, therefore, discover how to store a skateboard. In this article, we’ll look at how to hang skateboards permanently so that they can be replaced while still being in good condition for future use.


Why Should You Properly Store Your Skateboard?

Skateboards can be damaged by rain, sand, dust, sun, and other elements even though they are designed to be abused. Skating in the rain is prohibited, and your board should be properly stored.

Sure, you could always buy new parts, but that would be a waste. Here are a few explanations of why storage is crucial:

  • When your trucks are damp, they may begin to oxidize.
  • When exposed to the sun for too long, bushings become dried out and unable to function correctly (in extreme heat)
  • When bearings become damp, they lose their ability to spin, and cleaning them won’t help much.
  • Water shouldn’t touch your deck since soggy decks lose their pop and break quickly.
  • Last but not least, your trucks can detach if your hardware oxidizes.


What Are Things To Consider In Storing A Skateboard?

It’s time to put your skateboard to sleep after your skating session. When selecting a location for it to rest, take into account four factors.

Moisture: You have a valuable piece of wood that will collect water, so be careful to store it in a clean, dry place—preferably indoors—away from the elements and from potential thieves’ wet hands.

Temperature: Wood expands at high temperatures and compresses at lower temperatures. Pick a location where there won’t be a lot of temperature variation. Extreme heat will also have an impact on metal components, such as the truck.

Dust: Dust could greatly impact your bearings, thus it may be best to cover your board if you intend to store it for an extended length of time in case you are unable to ride it. There are techniques to clean it, yes, but it’s not something you want to do all the time.

Safety: Consider the security of both humans and your skateboard. You wouldn’t take a chance that someone might trip over your skateboard or be hurt if it fell. The ideal location can be in a closet or under your bed.


What Are The Best Ways To Store A Skateboard?

  • Storing skateboards in a closet

Make sure it doesn’t get too dry or wet if you plan to store your skateboard in a closet. If your home has centralized air conditioning and you have vents in your closet, there should be no difficulty.

You should keep it at a location in your closet that is easy to get to without making it difficult to exit when you are ready to use it.

Additionally, you should keep your clean clothes and your board apart. You can also store it there if you have a storage closet for your tools and other household items.

Just make sure to clean the closet frequently to prevent a buildup of dust in your bearings. Additionally, check that your bearings are not overlubricated to prevent sticking when it gets dirty or dusty within the closet.

Your skateboard, particularly the hardware, can rust in your closet if it gets too dry or too wet, which will eventually peel the nuts and bolts. If you need to take your board apart and replace your deck, trucks, or wheels, stripped hardware might be a pain.

If you wish to hang your board in your wardrobe, you can also use a reliable clothes hanger. Put the trucks on the hanger and hang them. Use two hangers duct-taped together if you believe your skateboard is too heavy for one hanger.


  • Storing your skateboards on racks

If you are keeping your skateboard in an open area as opposed to an enclosed place, using racks as opposed to a closet is preferable.

Skateboard racks come in a wide variety and are readily purchased online. For instance, this multi-skateboard rack allows you to hang three skateboards simultaneously as well as your helmet.

If you have a child who rides a scooter, you can hang their scooters on the rack, which is also very simple to set up. You don’t need to use any power tools to complete it yourself because it comes with all the necessary tools.

If you don’t want your board to hang on the wall, this rack is a great alternative. It is really simple to put up and has room for up to six skateboards, cruisers, and longboards. It is a suitable solution for your living room, bedroom, or even garage.

Your skateboard rack can be placed in your bedroom or another part of your home that is warm enough and out of the way.

To prevent your bearings from freezing and your hardware from rusting throughout the winter, make sure you don’t store the board racks in cold areas (like your garage).


  • Storing your skateboards in a garage

It might not be a good idea to store your skateboard in the garage because certain garages can become overly damp or moist.

To prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the grip tape or the board itself, if that is your only option, you might want to store your board(s) in an open space in the garage or mount it on a rack.

Additionally, you don’t want your skateboard lying on the garage floor where it could be accidently stepped on. The individual may shoot out, strike her automobile, or possibly suffer injuries if they fall.

Make sure you place your skateboard in the ideal location in your garage, out of the way and away from the cold and heat.


  • Hanging your skateboards on the wall

Hanging your skateboard on the wall is a fantastic additional option to store it when not in use. Your board will stay out of the way, look nice on your wall, and be simple to pick up to go riding if you do this.

If you want to protect and showcase the graphics on one of your skateboards while it’s not in use, this skateboard hanger is a great solution.



There are numerous options for skateboard storage, and with some forethought, it won’t break the bank. Don’t limit your search to skateboard storage or racks; consider other possibilities.

You can hang your deck on a wall or store your skateboard using one of the many wall mounting systems available. You simply need something that can be mounted on a wall and supports your trucks.

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