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Are you looking to improve your bodyboarding skills and add some new maneuvers to your repertoire? Look no further! In this article, we’ll discuss the different bodyboarding maneuvers that you can practice and master. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll find yourself having more fun in the water and impressing your friends with your new moves.


What is a bodyboarding maneuver?

A bodyboarding maneuver refers to a technique used by a rider to control the board and ride the wave. These moves can vary from basic turns to more advanced maneuvers such as spins, airs, and rolls. Bodyboarding maneuvers are often used in competitions as riders showcase their skills and creativity in the water.


Basic bodyboarding maneuvers

Bodyboarding is an exciting water sport that involves riding waves on a small, foam board known as a bodyboard. Here are some basic bodyboarding maneuvers you can try:

  1. Prone Riding: Prone riding is the foundation of bodyboarding. It involves lying on your stomach on the board and using your arms to paddle and catch waves. To perform this maneuver effectively, keep your body centered on the board and kick your feet to generate speed.
  2. Bottom Turn: The bottom turn is a fundamental maneuver that allows you to change direction on the wave. As you approach the bottom of the wave, shift your weight to your toes and dig your inside rail into the face of the wave. This helps you maintain control and generates speed for your next move.
  3. Cutback: A cutback is a maneuver used to change direction and rebound off the breaking section of the wave. As you approach the top of the wave, shift your weight to your heels and pivot your body by pushing down on your inside rail. This will help you carve back towards the breaking part of the wave.
  4. Top Turn: The top turn is performed at the crest or lip of the wave. As you reach the top, push down on your outside rail and pivot your body towards the wave. This will help you redirect your momentum back down the face of the wave.
  5. Roll: The roll is a popular and visually impressive maneuver in bodyboarding. It involves driving your bodyboard up the face of the wave, extending your arms, and tucking your head down towards your chest. As you reach the lip, push down on the outer rail and throw your body into a front flip motion. This maneuver is often performed when the wave is steep and allows you to rotate in the air before landing back on the wave.
  6. El Rollo: El Rollo is another aerial maneuver that involves performing a front flip off the lip of the wave. The technique is similar to the roll, but instead of extending your arms, you keep them tucked to your sides. This maneuver requires good timing and a strong push off the lip to rotate and land cleanly.


Intermediate bodyboarding maneuvers

Once you’ve mastered the basic bodyboarding maneuvers, it’s time to move on to more challenging techniques. These moves require more practice and skill, but they offer a greater reward. Here are some intermediate-level maneuvers to try:

– Cutback reverse: This move is similar to a regular cutback but involves turning back towards the breaking part of the wave and completing a reverse spin.

– Spin: A spin involves turning the body 360 degrees while going down the line on the wave. It’s a flashy, high-risk maneuver that can really impress onlookers.

– Air roll: An air roll is a combination of an aerial move and a spin. The rider launches themselves off the wave, does a spin, and then lands back onto the wave.


Advanced bodyboarding maneuvers

Ready to take your bodyboarding skills to the next level? These advanced maneuvers will test your limits and push your abilities to the max:

– Invert: An invert involves launching oneself off the wave, inverting the board, and then landing the maneuver. It’s a high-risk trick that requires a lot of control and precision.

– Backflip: As the name suggests, a backflip involves doing a flip off the wave and landing back onto the board. It’s an impressive, yet difficult, move that requires a lot of practice.

– Rollo: A rollo is a 360-degree rotation that involves launching off the wave and spinning in the air. It’s a visually stunning maneuver that requires precise timing and technique.


Tips for practicing bodyboarding maneuvers

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, there are always ways to improve your bodyboarding maneuvers. Here are some tips to keep in mind when practicing:

– Start small: Don’t try to master advanced maneuvers right away. Start with the basics and work your way up.

– Practice in different conditions: Try practicing your maneuvers in different waves and weather conditions to become a well-rounded rider.

– Learn from others: Watch videos of experienced riders and learn from their techniques.

– Stay safe: Always wear the appropriate gear and assess the conditions before entering the water to ensure your safety.

– Stay persistent: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t nail a maneuver the first time. Keep practicing and you’ll eventually get it.



Bodyboarding maneuvers are a great way to showcase your skills and make the most out of your time in the water. With these basic, intermediate, and advanced maneuvers in your skillset, you’ll be able to tackle any wave and impress your friends with your moves. Remember to always practice safely and stay persistent in honing your skills. Happy bodyboarding!

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Josh Mitchell

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