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The wheelbase on skateboards is a somewhat unexplored topic. Rarely do you hear anyone discuss it? Brands of trucks and decks hardly ever mention it on their merchandise. Most skaters don’t either, if they even know it exists.

The fact is that it might significantly affect your ride. It may have an impact on how your skateboard moves and how much force is needed to perform specific tricks.

Take a seat and join us as we explore the worlds of measurement and optimization as it relates to skateboard wheelbase in the ongoing pursuit of the ideal configuration.


What Is the Wheelbase of a Skateboard?

The wheelbase of a skateboard is the distance between the two sets of trucks (the metal parts that hold the wheels) on the skateboard. The standard wheelbase for most skateboards is around 14 to 16 inches. However, some skateboards may have a shorter or longer wheelbase depending on the intended use and the preferences of the rider. A shorter wheelbase may provide a more agile and responsive ride, while a longer wheelbase may offer greater stability and control at high speeds.


  • Deck Wheelbase

A skateboard’s wheelbase is essentially the distance between the mounting holes closer to the middle of the deck on the front and back. It gives you a clear indication of how far apart your trucks are positioned.


  • Truck Wheelbase

The same method is used to measure truck wheelbase as we do for cars. Counting the distance between each wheel’s centers on the same side.

Of course, the wheelbase of the truck and the deck are directly related. There will be more room between the two trucks for a longer board. However, it also differs based on the make and model of the trucks.

As an illustration, Indies trucks have a longer wheelbase than Venture and Thunder trucks.


How To Measure The Wheelbase Of A Skateboard

  1. Place the skateboard on a flat surface, such as a driveway or a skatepark.
  2. Measure the distance between the two axles of the skateboard wheels using a tape measure or a ruler. This distance is the wheelbase of the skateboard.
  3. The wheelbase of a skateboard is important because it affects the stability and maneuverability of the skateboard. A shorter wheelbase will result in a more stable and responsive skateboard, while a longer wheelbase will provide a more smooth and stable ride.
  4. The standard wheelbase for a skateboard is around 14 inches, but some skateboards may have a longer or shorter wheelbase depending on the design and intended use.
  5. It’s important to choose a wheelbase that is appropriate for your skill level and the type of skateboarding you plan on doing. If you’re a beginner, a shorter wheelbase may be more suitable, while more experienced skateboarders may prefer a longer wheelbase for cruising and commuting.


What Effects Does A Wheelbase Have on Your Skating?

The wheelbase of a skateboard refers to the distance between the front and rear trucks. This measurement can have a significant impact on the stability, agility, and overall performance of your skating.

  • Stability: A longer wheelbase will provide more stability, especially at higher speeds or when making sharp turns. This is because the trucks are farther apart, allowing for a more stable platform. A shorter wheelbase will be less stable but may be more agile and responsive.
  • Agility: A shorter wheelbase allows for quicker turns and more responsive handling. This can be useful for technical tricks or navigating tight spaces. A longer wheelbase may be less agile but will offer a smoother ride and be better suited for cruising or carving.
  • Performance: The wheelbase can also affect the performance of certain tricks, such as ollies or kickflips. A shorter wheelbase may make it easier to pop the board off the ground, but a longer wheelbase may provide more stability for landing.

Overall, the wheelbase of a skateboard is a personal preference and will depend on the type of skating you are doing and your individual riding style. Experimenting with different wheelbase lengths can help you find the one that works best for you.


How Long Should My Skateboard Be?

Skateboard decks don’t have a recommended length; it all depends on what you plan to use it for.

A long and wide deck is what you want if you’re searching for a stable and comfortable setup to handle a major change. You need a shorter, more maneuverable deck if you plan to perform plenty of flips and slides.

Skateboards for adults typically measure between 31″ and 33″. However, if you’re seeking to get your first skateboard deck, the length shouldn’t be a concern of yours. What you want to look for is breadth.

The only time you would be able to tell the difference in length is if you went from, say, an 8.1″ deck to an 8.25″. The majority of 7.9″ to 8.1″ broad decks are 31.75″ long, whereas 8.25″ wide decks are 32.5″ long.


Does Wheelbase Even Matter?

The wheelbase is significant technically. However, if you’re seeking to buy your first skateboard, it shouldn’t be a concern of yours. I discussed the matter with some of my pals who ride boards. Most of them didn’t understand what I was talking about.

Therefore, it can’t be that important, right?

You can compare your old decks’ wheelbases by measuring them. Perhaps that can explain why, although being the same size and shape, one deck would have felt better to ride than the other.

The nose and tail of some decks, for instance, may be steeper than others. Well, wheelbase is ultimately what matters.



In conclusion, the wheelbase on a skateboard plays a crucial role in determining the stability and control of the skateboard. A longer wheelbase provides greater stability and is better suited for cruising and carving, while a shorter wheelbase allows for more agility and is better suited for tricks and technical riding. Ultimately, the ideal wheelbase for a skateboard depends on the rider’s personal preference and style of skateboarding. It is important to experiment with different wheelbases and find the one that best fits your needs and abilities.

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