What Is A Lip In Bodyboarding?

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Bodyboarding is a thrilling and exciting water sport that involves riding waves on a small, foam board. One of the most prominent parts of bodyboarding is riding inside the barrel of a wave. This barrel is often considered one of the most magnificent places where a bodyboarder can be. However, to get inside the barrel, one has to go through a part of the wave known as the lip.

In bodyboarding, the lip is a critical part of the wave. It’s the upper edge or crest of the breaking wave that can throw a rider into the air. As all bodyboarders know, it can be both thrilling and dangerous. To help you understand more about the lip in bodyboarding, here is an informative article that will answer all your questions regarding the lip in bodyboarding.


What is the lip in bodyboarding?

The lip is the top section of a wave that is breaking over the surface of the water and crashing down on the lower section of the wave. It’s the curved part of the wave that moves up and over the crest before breaking. The lip is the part that throws up the spray or foam at the top of the wave. In bodyboarding, it’s the part that you can hit and ride vertically to perform an aerial maneuver.


Why is the lip important in bodyboarding?

The lip in bodyboarding is critical as it’s the part of the wave that you can hit to perform a maneuver. When the lip is hit, it can throw a rider into the air, allowing the rider to perform a variety of maneuvers to show off their skills. The lip is also essential because, during a wave’s barrel, the top of the lip covers the rider from above, making it look as if the rider is inside the wave.


How do you hit the lip in bodyboarding?

Hitting the lip in bodyboarding is not easy and requires a great deal of skill. Before hitting the lip, you need to paddle towards the wave to catch it; then, take a bottom turn towards the breaking part of the wave. The bottom turn will help you align your board with the lip’s trajectory, allowing you to hit it perpendicularly. When hitting the lip, you need to lean back slightly and push your board upwards to launch yourself into the air.


What are the types of lip in bodyboarding?

There are three types of lip in bodyboarding- the feather lip, the pitching lip, and the exploding lip. The feather lip is smooth and gentle, allowing a rider to ride up and over the lip easily. The pitching lip is the steep and challenging part of the wave that can throw a rider upwards, known as a vertical hit. The exploding lip appears when the wave breaks. It offers the most significant challenge to bodyboarders, making it hard to get past or ride through.


What are the risks associated with hitting the lip in bodyboarding?

Hitting the lip in bodyboarding is not risk-free. It is a challenging maneuver that requires a great deal of control, skill, and timing. The main danger is that a rider can fall off the board when hitting the lip, causing injuries such as bruises, cuts, or even broken bones. Other risks associated with hitting the lip include getting caught inside the wave as it crashes down, which can result in being held underwater for extended periods.


How can you stay safe when hitting the lip in bodyboarding?

To stay safe when hitting the lip in bodyboarding, you must follow some essential steps. The first step is to make sure that you have the right gear, including a bodyboard, fins, leash, and wetsuit or rash guard. You must also check the waves’ conditions, which will help you decide if the waves are safe for you to ride. While hitting the lip, make sure you understand your abilities and limitations correctly and only attempt the maneuver if you are confident and comfortable.



In conclusion, hitting the lip in bodyboarding is an essential part of the sport that requires skill, timing, and precision. It offers a rider the chance to showcase their skills while riding the waves. As with any sport, there are risks associated with hitting the lip, but by following the right steps and being cautious, you can avoid most of these risks. Remember to be safe and have fun while riding the waves.

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