What Is A Push Loop Windsurfing On Starboard Tack?

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Are you looking to take your windsurfing skills to the next level? Do you want to master the push loop on starboard tack? With a bit of practice and understanding of the technique, you can execute a perfect push loop and impress others with your windsurfing skills.


What is a push loop windsurfing on starboard tack?

In windsurfing, a push loop on starboard tack refers to a specific maneuver performed by windsurfers. To understand this maneuver, let’s break it down into its components:

  1. Tack: Tack refers to the direction from which the wind is coming. In this case, “starboard tack” means that the wind is coming from the right side of the windsurfer.
  2. Push Loop: A push loop is an aerial maneuver where the windsurfer jumps off a wave or ramp and rotates their body and sail in a loop-like motion while in the air.

Now, combining these two elements, a push loop on starboard tack means that the windsurfer is executing a push loop maneuver with the wind coming from their right side.

During a push loop on starboard tack, the windsurfer usually approaches a wave or a ramp, generates speed and lift, and then launches into the air. While in the air, they rotate their body and sail in a looping motion, completing a 360-degree rotation or more before landing back on the water.

It’s worth noting that executing a push loop requires a significant amount of skill, balance, and timing. Windsurfers need to be proficient in controlling their board and sail, as well as have a good understanding of wind conditions and wave dynamics to perform this maneuver successfully.


How to execute one

1. Get the right gear

Doing a push loop windsurfing on starboard tack requires the right gear. The board should be a wave board with a volume of around 70-85 liters, having a narrower tail than nose, rocker lines, and straps positioned forward to maintain control during the rotation.

The sail should be rigged with a smaller boom length, high downhaul, and low boom position to make the sail more stable during the jump.

2. Rider stance and setup

Before initiating a push loop windsurfing on starboard tack, it’s crucial to get the correct rider stance and setup. Your front foot should be placed slightly forward of the mast foot about 10-15 cm. Your back foot should be positioned in the center of the board.

The back hand should be positioned back on the boom, and the front hand should be positioned forward, so the sail favors the front of the board when you lift off.

3. Initiate the jump and wind up for the rotation

When you’re ready to execute a push loop on starboard tack, the first thing you need to do is wind up for the jump. Generate speed and hit a wave, and jump off the wind by pumping the sail right after bearing off the wind while handling the rig with both hands.

As you go up, wind up your arms, and bring your knees up towards your chest in preparation for the rotation. Your body should be compact and coiled up like a spring.

4. Execute the full rotation

After the jump, you’ll want to initiate the full 360-degree rotation. Begin the rotation by pulling on your front hand and swinging it behind you while pushing your back hand forward to initiate the sail rotation.

Use your legs and core to control your body’s position and maintain height during the rotation. You should aim to land the board in a downwind position, having completed the full rotation.

5. Stabilize and ride out the move

After completing the rotation, it’s essential to stabilize your position and ride out the move. Bring your back hand over the center of the board to control its position and reduce speed.

Position your feet properly, turn your head, and focus on where you want to go. Afterward, release the back hand and complete the ride in a downwind position.

6. Practice and review

The push loop windsurfing on starboard tack requires a lot of practice to achieve perfection. Once you’ve successfully executed the move, review the video footage, understand the mistakes, and try again. It’s essential to take small steps and build up your confidence while practicing this move.



Push loop windsurfing on starboard tack is an exciting move that can impress others and test your windsurfing skills. With the right gear, rider stance and set up, you can execute the full 360-degree rotation and stabilize your position before riding out the move. Don’t forget that practice makes perfect, so keep practicing, reviewing, and understanding your mistakes until you achieve perfection. Happy windsurfing!

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