What To Do If Your Skateboard Gets Wet?

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Would you skate every day if you loved it that much? This post is for you if the answer is yes.

The weather can be rainy when you’re riding, or you might come across puddles and miss them, leaving your skateboard wet. Do you know how to handle a wet skateboard?

Now, do not worry! Grab your tools and begin disassembling your skateboard if you unintentionally get it wet. You must exercise caution because we don’t want any accidents or shattered objects here. They should be spread out flat on the ground to air dry.

You can also opt to wipe them up with an absorbent towel to fasten up the drying process. We do not recommend skateboard parts out in the sun, as some painted components may fade. After everything becomes completely dry, you can now start reassembling your skateboard.

Since you wiped and dried the bearings, do not forget to reapply lubrication like a WD40.

This disassembling-reassembling process not only works when you get a waterlogged skateboard but also when you feel that there is something wrong with your board. You are always free to check because it is for your safety.

If you neglect the drying process, your board is at great risk of forming rust because of oxidation; after all, your gear is still made of metal. Don’t hesitate to allocate your time to board maintenance!


Can A Skateboard Get Wet?

Never let your skateboard get wet.

There isn’t much to say about this, to be honest. With a little gentle love and care, you can save your hardware, but the deck’s wood will be irreparably harmed. When water enters the wood fibers, they expand by nature. Your board’s form gets warped as a result. Furthermore, as the board’s shape changes, the adhesive will start to break.

However, you can’t truly forecast how or when the glue will break down. You might believe that your board is still in good condition for riding, and you are technically correct. You’ll note, though, that it no longer pops as readily and that it will shatter more easily than a well-maintained board.


What Happens If Your Skateboard Gets Wet?

A skateboard will be harmed by skating in the rain. The bearings will start to rust and lose lubrication, the board will start to deform, and your grip tape will become loose. Skateboarding in the rain is not recommended unless you are using a skateboard you don’t care about ruining. Skateboards won’t last very long if they become wet. What transpires when your skateboard comes into contact with water is as follows:

  • The skateboard deck gets soggy and stops having a pop.
  • Decks of inferior quality may begin to distort or delaminate.
  • Your trucks’ axles, axle bolts, cup washers, and kingpin nuts will rust first.
  • Bearings will corrode and become ineffective as a result.
  • The hardware used to connect your trucks will corrode and deteriorate, but this is typically no significant concern.
  • The stickiness of grip tape could deteriorate.

Therefore, avoid riding a skateboard in the rain and seek help if necessary. See if you can fix the issues by reading the rest of the post.


How To Know If Your Skateboard Is Waterlogged?

There isn’t much you can do to save your skateboard once it becomes soggy. Of course, you can still skate on it, but the board won’t pop quite as much, and the wood will start to distort and the glue holding the board together will start to fail.

Try the following to determine if your skateboard is waterlogged:

  • With your hand, feel the deck to check for moisture.
  • Pay attention to the sound as you drop the deck into the concrete. Does it have a muted, dull sound? The most likely cause of your skateboard becoming water-logged is if it doesn’t sound correctly.
  • Ride your skateboard and perform an ollie or another move that needs you to pop the tail and that you can do correctly. Is it heavier than it was before? Is the pop’s sound getting drabber? Your board is water-logged if the answer is yes.

The sound your board makes and how it rides are the best indicators of a soggy board. You’ll be able to distinguish between the two. Your board may possibly merely have the impression of retaining moisture when you touch it. Check to see if your skateboard becomes water-logged if it gets wet.


Can You Fix A Waterlogged Skateboard Deck?

Unfortunately, a skateboard deck that has been wet cannot be fixed. You might possibly leave it in the oven, but it probably won’t help much. Skateboard decks that are wet lose their pop, so you should swap them out as soon as you can. Pops that are soggy are the worst.

Although these problems are not present with plastic skateboards, we are not discussing penny boards here. Here are some additional problems that may arise if your skateboard is in contact with water.


How To Prevent Getting Your Skateboard Wet?

The best course of action is prevention, so try to avoid getting wet. If at all possible, choose a dry route to avoid having to take extra precautions and struggle to keep your board dry.

Before leaving, you should also check the weather forecast. Knowing when to expect rain is preferable to being caught off guard by it.



This article should have given you some tips on what to do if your skateboard becomes wet. However, staying inside can be preferable to skating on water and endangering your deck.

It is crucial that you take good care of your board if you do wind up skating in the rain. By developing this practice, you can save future, potentially more significant and costly repairs and replacements. You can always utilize an old board as an alternative.

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