Why is My Skateboard Squeaky?

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Usually, when carving seriously, you will hear a squeaky sound just as you reach your peak. You must agree that it is annoying to see that. You’ll find the explanations for or answers to your issue in this article, so there’s no need to worry.

Skateboard parts including bearings, riser pads, and axles have been known to produce noisy problems in various situations. because using too much pressure could result in friction, which then produces irritating sounds. So, continue reading, and don’t skip if you try to identify the issue but are still unable to do so.


What Are The Reasons For A Skateboard Squeak?

There are several potential sources of squeaking noises, most of which are evident. We’ll talk more in-depth about each reason in this section. Long-term, appropriate skateboard care and maintenance could end up saving you a lot of money.

The following are some potential causes of your skateboard’s squeaky noise:


  1. Bearings

This problem has a very simple answer. The ones that roll and are impacted by friction are bearings. We are aware that it won’t last forever, therefore you should take care of it to avoid getting a skateboard with noisy bushings.


  1. Bushing for skateboard trucks

The most frequent reason of truck squeaks is their bushings, which are usually to blame. Your skateboard truck is stabilized by bushings because they stop friction and direct contact. Look at your bushings to see if there are any signs of wear or damage.


  1. Lifting pads

Many people are unaware of this section. The board is kept apart from the vehicle by the riser pads. These components serve to lessen vibrations and guard against fractures.

If they have rips and cuts, they don’t perform as intended. You risk damaging the skateboard if you don’t frequently check the riser pads. To prevent vibrations and noises, make sure the screw is properly fastened.


  1. Wheels

You need to check your wheels if your bearings are functioning properly. The wheel may have dents or flat patches that make skating seem bumpy, and it may occasionally lose diameter from overuse. Additionally, it might exert uneven pressure on the trucks, axles, and bearings, which might result in squeaking sounds.


  1. Screws and pivot cups

If you hear squeaking from brand-new skateboard trucks, look for any missing screws or pivot cups. It can be fixed easily.


How To Fix A Squeaky Skateboard

There are a few steps you can try to fix a squeaky skateboard:

  1. Lubricate the bearings: Add a small amount of lubricant, such as bearing oil or skateboard lubricant, to each bearing. This can help reduce friction and eliminate the squeak.
  2. Tighten the trucks: If the trucks (the metal parts that hold the wheels) are loose, they may be causing the squeaking noise. Tighten the nuts on the trucks using a skateboard tool or a wrench.
  3. Replace the bearings: If the bearings are worn or damaged, they may be causing the squeaking noise. Replace the bearings with new ones to fix the problem.
  4. Clean the bearings: If the bearings are dirty or have debris stuck in them, they may be causing the squeaking noise. Clean the bearings with a degreaser or alcohol, and then dry them thoroughly before reassembling the skateboard.
  5. Check the wheels: If the wheels are worn down or have flat spots, they may be causing the squeaking noise. Replace the wheels with new ones to fix the problem.


What Causes A Creaky Sound When You Lean On Your Skateboard?

When you lean on your skateboard, it frequently makes a creaking noise. It is also widely known and understood by many individuals. Worry not, though, if you’re a novice and have begun to notice such upsetting and annoying noises; it might just be one of the trucks’ washers. Your vehicle frequently creaks when you lean on it because of the problematic washer that sits between the nut and the kingpin.

There are numerous potential causes, including overlapping, dislocation, and the wrong-sized washer. That irritating sound is primarily caused by how loosely the washer fits between the kingpin and the nut. No need to worry any longer; this is how to fix it. The best course of action is to get fresh washers that can snugly fit your kingpin. You must loosen the kingpin nut if that isn’t a possibility. Then, using plumbing tape, duck tape, or any other tape you can get your hands on to lower the diameter of the kingpin, reinstall the kingpin nut.

In addition, get a glue gun and cover your kingpin nut in the adhesive to make it thicker. Test-ride the system after it has been fully reassembled. All the noises must have stopped by this point. Due to the pipe tape and glue’s rapid wear from intense contact and abrasion, this hack only works for a brief period of time until you resume hearing the sounds. The best course of action is to leave your skateboard in a workshop where someone will be able to address the problem permanently.



Having reached the conclusion, I hope we were able to resolve your query about why your skateboard makes a noise. After reading this post, you understood that there are a few simple steps that can be taken to address this problem.

Before visiting a repair shop or making a new skateboard purchase, we strongly suggest that you follow the steps mentioned in this article. Keep in mind that routine maintenance will extend the life of your skateboard’s parts. Consider sending this article to your friends if you think it is interesting.

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